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 A list of various Proof-of-Stake Pools available (at least those I know of):
CoinsMarkets.com - Deal with Cautious, until they solved their server problems.
Simple Pos Pool
If you know some more site that I've missed, please tell and i'll will update the list... see more as soon as possible.
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Hello SWAGBUCKS team.
I'm happy to announce that your coin has been listed to ItalYiiMP 2.0 for mining,
to get paid in BUCKS just set c=BUCKS as password in your configuration.
As an additional service, the explorer is available... see more at the address http://italyiimp.com/explorer
Visit http://italyiimp.com.
Best regards.
Nice to see a multipool that pays in SwagBucks ;D.
I'll try it now and let's see how it goes.
Here you can see how it works for me, if anyone is interested ;)
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What do you think of swagsociety.me so far?
Please take the time and mention
One thing you like...
One thing you dislike...
about it.
Invite your friends to swagsociety.
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SpecificationsProof of work
Algorithm: scrypt
Block reward: 1 BUCKS, no halving
Max height: 493,077 (Approximately 1 year, after this network will not accept PoW)
Proof of Stake
PoS without coin age
Max reorganization depth: 500 blocks
Block time: 64 seconds
Difficulty retarget:... see more every block
PoS Reward: 1 BUCKS
Min transaction fee: 0.0001 BUCKS
Fees are paid to miners
Confirmations: 10, maturity: 50
Min stake confirmations: 50
P2P port: 1337, RPC port: 1338
SwagBucks Prediction
SwagBucks FAQ
https://github.com/pinkmagicdev/SwagBucks - GitHub
https://github.com/pinkmagicdev/SwagBucks/releases/download/v1.2.2/swagbucks-qt.exe - Windows Wallet
https://walletgenerator.net/?currency=SwagBucks# - Paperwallet

http://italyiimp.com/ - to get paid in BUCKS just set c=BUCKS as password in your configuration.
How to Stake SwagBucks using the Official Wallet Client - Altcoin Guides How to Earn SwagBucks Playing Games - Altcoin Guides
Must follow SwagSociety_me
Minimum 500 followers
Twitter account must be at least 3 months old
Right now you get a Email notifications about almost everyting

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Help me remove what you don't want to get a mail about, just leave a comment...
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Exchanges that needs a Coin Request
Exchanges made Coin Request
Exchanges with SwagBucks Listed
That way you can take advantage of each other’s stake weight and you do not need to worry for having a wallet online 24/7.
Stake Pool accounts:
5; 100010: 50020 : 10040: 5080 25160: 10
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Please write any bug you find here
SwagSociety core team working on development, support and organisation. This group is to pull together SwagSociety staff only. While, we welcome everyone to the communnity and other groups may offer specific membership for contributors, this groups solely for SwagSociety staff.
JOT Messenger will add video calls, talks branching and an embed-based service for quick integration into non-UNA websites (Dolphin, Wordpress, etc). 
Videos app will add live video streaming. It's a hot trend, but not a trivial development feat. We are exploring various options, and plan to update... see more the Videos app to allow live streaming with simultaneous comments and post-stream recording.
The @tags everywhere. The "mention" tags is a widely anticipated feature, which we intentionally delayed until there is a clear vision and technical solution to make them as a system-wide feature. 
Notifications will further improve to offer an effective configuration system for Email, Push and On-site notifications for various actions. There is a lot of control available already, but we aim to make them more streamlined and fine-tuned. 
Performance and SEO will be improved dramatically, as we get to see more real-life projects and gain more knowledge in optimising for large-scale usage, as well as for search engines.  
Native mobile apps, based on GoNative and Cordova-like wrappers will be brought out as service offerings and as technical descriptions for DIY implementations. We are already doing this for Enterprise-plan clients directly.
Crypto-based features for reputation scoring, spam/scam protection, payment processing and purpose-specific tokens will come to light.
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Vote on Add SwagBucks  as new feture on freewallet.org - 0.5 SwagBucks
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I would like to start an account. I'll start with a 500 SwagBucks account.
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Please write any bug you find here
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Done tx: 2af45f8ca2bd5d16c40b9475c045fb6a25daa724005250d32b8551ad4dc7d575
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