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    Hello everyone!

    I could not help but play around a little with this node-tip-bot-twitter script.

    And before I knew it, Mr.TipBot just turned up :aplauso2:, our very own SwagBucks Twitter TipBot…

    balance ----> displays your current wallet balance
    address ----> displays address where you can send your funds to the tip bot
    withdraw <address> ----> withdraws your whole wallet balance to specified address
    tip <nick> <amount> ----> sends the specified amount of coins to the specified nickname
    help ----> displays configured help message (by default similiar to this one)
    terms ----> displays terms and conditions for using the tip bot

    Commands are executed by sending a tweet with your desired command to MrTipBot
    ex. https://twitter.com/SwagSociety_me/status/781852847344418817

    So, if anyone wants to test it him, be my guest
    Post a link to you twitter and, i’ll tip you a little SwagBucks and you start tipping, balance checking, or even test deposit and if you find any bugs, or have suggestions. Please share.

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    whether this work?

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    @UncleSam no response from tipbot.

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    @kevinjulio @sogerns Yes, unfortunately, Mr.TipBot seems to have trouble keeping himself online. Twitter API keeps closing their connection. :mad:. i will have to take a closer look some day and see if I can find what’s wrong.

    Speaking of which, I’ve just opened a SwagBucks Faucet, if anyone is interested in some free BUCKS :lulz:.

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