BUCKS loans

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    but we do not pay as those of the “vulture funds” but to take to repay the loan increase the percentage till reaching a maximum which would double or triple what they asked and you can not ask another horn return that.

    atrapante what this is for sure going to try to multiply and thus repay the loan, investing in mining cloud, exchanges, etc … and even investment will go wrong. they will try to return it because it is known that it was just a bad streak and another time can multiply more and more …

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    It might be something, but how do you prevent that someone borrows and then just quit getting online without paying back?

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    Maybe you can lend small sums, to the unknown, and bigger sums to the ones you know :smirk:

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    @ActuallySushy they would have to see how the pages of loans. and copy your system…
    alt text

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    Perhaps it might work, Who knows may be i will also lend out a little Swagbucks to well-known members here in the future :blush: .

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    how many bucks you have today ?

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    Not as many as I like. About 300 BUCKS, aiming to have atleast 500 within the next month.

    @kevinjulio how many do you have and how many do you want to feel satisfied?

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