bitcoin up , swagbucks down

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    bitcoin up , swagbucks down,What do you think?

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    I still did not want to promote it till buy some XD, but I have frozen credit -_- ’

    and I think the value of bucks should be of around 0.005 to 0.05 btc

    I also think it could give them as a prize in a game, as they do in the Hyper counter strike … this makes the page that service.

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    @kevinjulio said:

    bitcoin up , swagbucks down,What do you think?

    Think it’s nice that Swagbucks has begun to go down to a more reasonable price when it is still very young and coins.

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    @ActuallySushy yes ,price very setabil now , it’s just that no trading volume for today.

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    Many people probably think that Swagbucks just a scam coin among all other coins, we’ll see what will happen with trading when we, for example, is 1,000 active members here using Swagbucks :yum: .

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    Do you Swagbucks can go any lower, or is it time to buy a few 1000 BUCKS so i finally can start with some serious staking :yum:

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    No, don’t buy, I want to buy them :smirk:

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