Please tell us how we can get better!

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    Hello all SwagSociety citizen and of course all others who happen to read this!

    Everything rolls on as it should be here. Slowly but surely, we are growing day by day. But like all communities and Crypto Currencies, we are no more than what our users makes us.

    So I ask you what do you think we have done good and done bad, what we should do more and do less. Maybe even stop doing.

    And last but not least, what you think we should do next.

    Please take the time to answer this even if you think that your opinion doesn’t matter. All opinions matter.

    To make everything a little more exciting and because I know your time is precious. I intend to reward every constructive suggestions and ideas I put up on my list with 15 25 SwagBucks.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this :heavy:


    The List:

  • Make gambling site like just-dice? U can gambling at the same time u can stake ur coin there or here. How about use theviralexchange or PromoPlugs to promote on Twitter?

  • marketing and new useful technologies are important.let me explain my idea:
    you can make a new payment gateway so people can spend their bucks for goods or services on the web,and if you serve this with ads,giveaways,useful products people will use swagbucks i think.the product you may sell may be a service,or a online game item,or a subscription.

    İ hope im helped :)

  • SAM, what is the new yellow coins (with mark GP) on the bottom of posts?

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    @sibnova Oh that coin :cejas:? Good catch, didn’t even know about it myself… :exoleto: Right now it’s nothing, just me testing a RPG plugin (sadly it’s far from ready to use), But you never know… :ojitos:

  • Wthat is RPG plugin?

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    @sibnova Sorry, i mean a Role Playing Game, plugin for NodeBB (The software our forum runs on)

  • @UncleSam
    Hope all are going
    well with you! I have a simple suggestion to input.
    I think the offer to post get paid are very popular one for this community. And that also leading people to join here and start to posting article from various source. For me that’s ok. But almost everyday
    I have seen the same articles posted by few members from ourselves. We need to create an initiative for preventing that culture. Beacuse that kinds of discipline less gesture really heart any new user goodwill after making first arrival in our platform!
    Would love to see any kinds of step has been taken by the elder for preventing that double posting root with
    start of this new beggning!

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