I should win this contest because...

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    I will start a little competition here so you have something fun to follow :aplauso2:.

    The competition is intended to act as such, anyone who is a member here can write a post in this thread where they explain why they should win the grand prize of 1,000 BUCKS.

    Then there is the sense that the rest of us can vote on what contribution we want to win by Upvote or Downvote their post.

    The user who has received the most points after 1 month wins.

    There are no rules about what you can write in your posts but it need to start with “I should win this contest because” and you can only submit one contribution.

    The game ends and the winner is determined 2016/05/10 2016/06/10 23:59 UTC

    Let the game begin… :gayfight:

    Q & A

    @kevinjulio said:

    How do you pick the winners ? random ?

    The post with the most upvotes at 2016/06/10 23:59 UTC wins.

  • I should win this contest because This is a very large amount.lol. and already from the beginning I really like it at swagbucks , I always buy it , I 'd love to mine swagbucks , of course, if there’s room.

  • I should win the contest because I really love BUCKS. I always RT, buy and sell on Yobit. I want to win 1000 BUCKS for buying my dream pet, silkie alt text

  • I should win this contest because it will be correct. fair. I’m sure - Everyone will be infinitely happy for me :feliz:

  • I should win this contest because i will use half of that bounty for trade on yobit.net of course, for pump this coin but i don’t think it’s enough but i could try it not much promise, just do it :+1:

  • Get Rich or Die Tryin'

    I should win this contest because then i will use them to promote SwagBucks and rain some over members here on SwagSociety :sparkles: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :sparkles:

  • I should win this contest because: I love BUCKS! and I will improve this product with my ideas!

    1 post like we do taringa or 4chan and that people who guso post agradesca him with points and those points are transformed into BUCKS. or directly send him BUCKS …

    taringa on the page. to the post with more visits and more points a certain amount becomes bitcoins. since being good post and strate many visitors the site makes more money for ads

    2nd loan system. users can give loans through the site safely.

    3rd competition online games where BUCKS wagered. ajedres for example, GO, etc. It is that there must aber source code of these online games …

    loose after more thoughts …

    to and of course every comment we add an image of a beautiful girl or some gif or video gracioco to be entertained browse our site! :D

    for example at the end of comments:

    alt text
    alt text

  • “I should win this contest because” and you can only submit one contribution.
    Joined for the contest is over today. :smiley:

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