[Put On Ice] Help us name our MineCraft Server

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    I will send 5 Bucks to this address Sgng2S1WJT3XGAAnmYkUNiSdtXW9R6T7i4 for every proposals received. The one who gave the winning proposal will then receive them after 24 hours.

    Minecraft Server Name List:

    • BucksPlay
    • SwagCraft
    • MineBucksPlaySwag
    • PlaySwag
    • SwagBucksParadise
    • SwagindaHole
    • SwagCraftBucks
    • SwagBucksDimension
    • SwagBucksParadise

    We also get suggestions from our Ann thread

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    What happened to the minecraft server? Is it something that is still on going?

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    It’s on ice right now, unfortunately. There are so many other things that need to be organized, it’s hard to keep up with everything when you are alone with all the work :sweat_smile:.

    However It’s still on the list of future projects, so no reason to be worried :relaxed: .

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    Good then I know, understand that there is much in the beginning and all by yourself, there are certainly many who want’s to help long foreward so you can get some relief.

    Think it could be really successful with Swagbucks, SwagSociety.me seems to already get a lot of attention, one notice that the activity here increases almost with each day passing.

    Looking forward to how it will be here in a year or so.

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    Why not, I put it on the list :smirk:

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