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Forum Payment 2017-11-12

@unclesam Thanks, always nice with some BUCKS :cejas:

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SwagBucks Staking


Thanks :mrgreen: , hopefully it was to some helpt.

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Best POS Coins

Don’t really know what criteria we should us, any ideas :nusenuse: .

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Things we should do or shouldn't do

@stepan163 said in Things we should do or shouldn't do:

Let’s create a community pool for coin mining!!!

Maybe a good idea, or a multipool that pays i SwagBucks?

Depends on if there is some interest in using this, until then here is a pool where you can mine SwagBucks.

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Here you can read about everything new in Crypto scene (thanks to our very own Mr. NewsWorthy)

Working on a project? Need help or just bounce ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Need help? If you have any problems or been the victim of some injustice here, tell me and I’ll do everything in my power to make it right.

Hi Everyone & soon Happy 300,000/block's chain

@stepan163 said in Hi Everyone & soon Happy 300,000/block's chain:

Tell me, which pool can I mine coins with the help of special equipment?

The only pool i know is mining SwagBucks is

Do I understand correctly that the coin is mined by classical extraction and extraction by POS?

Yes you can still mine SwagBucks with a scrypt miner, Last POW Block is at 493077

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Something you might want to sell or buy? As long as it is sold or bought for Swagbucks, it is only your imagination that stops you.

[Hire] Looking for Translators


Looking for translator to translate this file from english to your language.

Also… Please tell me what you think is a fair price (maybe 50-100 SwagBucks) for one translation :sirdance:.

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Bored? Got time? Com on let's play!

Sometimes it’s just so, the shit has piled up and has to go somewhere

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Amid Continuing China Rumors, BTC Fails to Break Key Resistance

Will the price of bitcoin decrease? How can bitcoin ensure monetary equilibrium? I want to invest some money in Bitcoin and began studying the investment from this - Can someone advise me something like this?

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