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Get paid for your activity on

Sam, why no more payments for activity?

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Online POS Wallet services

Here I will build a list of Online POS wallet Services.

SwagBucks Community Stake Pool - SwagBucks Listed :bowtie: - SwagBucks not listed

Please suggest more if I missed any, so I can update the list.

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A place to talk about whatever you want
$600 in 2016


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Blog posts from individual members

A humble blog with a humble beginning,

I would like to present my simple blog about my money making venture. feel free to leave a comment below.
and if you are a hyip investors you can get upto 80% RCB, if you join using my link

check my here: CLICK HERE

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POS Coins

Is there any new POS coins i should get?

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SwagBucks staking pool for members

@chorizanga said:

Hi, I’m back! after a long time! and I just read that to stake online … I am interested. They are doing it yet?

I have to send say 200 bucks to that address wallet? or give me special? and then as spread the stake? … I returned the 200 bucks I put + …?

Hi @chorizanga welcome back :smile: !

Here you have tour own address where you can send the SwagBucks you want to stake.


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Here you can read about everything new in Crypto scene (thanks to our very own Mr. NewsWorthy)

CCN Catches up with the CEO of CHBTC, One of China’s Largest Exchanges

Hi, thank you for the interview. Many of our readers are not familiar with yourself. Could you please give us a brief introduction? Hello, I’m Dawei Lee, chief executive officer of CHBTC, which is one of the mainstream digital currency exchanges in China. Before founding CHBTC, I have served successively as marketing executive, product manager […]

The post CCN Catches up with the CEO of CHBTC, One of China’s Largest Exchanges appeared first on CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Working on a project? Need help or just bounce ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

[Put On Ice] Help us name our MineCraft Server

Why not, I put it on the list :smirk:

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[Not Paying] 20x Satoshi 70K Per MINUTE

@NTbucks thanks for the warning :exclamation:

I will add [Not Paying] to the title until we received payment proof.

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[OPEN] Will distribute 250 Swagbucks in giveaway to users here!

@UncleSam said:

@sibnova said:

And me:
posts > 10,
reputation 7
address in profile SNo3ShTqiW8A1AxhQEVLparSkbgJds2tS9

Hi nice to see you!

5 bucks is on its way in your direction :yum: Tx: 2cca94ad41096eb61781544dadfaf009b1373448caace5b12ef99f60a27527a7

O-o-o! Thanks a lot!

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Need help? If you have any problems or been the victim of some injustice here, tell me and I’ll do everything in my power to make it right.

[Example] Retweet Payment

I have not been paid for: : 1 Bucks 1 Bucks

SwagBucks Address: SRB8LUr5fDF2bnKZ87gkx9EMt5FMV6ntdH

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Something you might want to sell or buy? As long as it is sold or bought for Swagbucks, it is only your imagination that stops you.

[BOUNTY] Write SwagBucks Guides

Maybe translate is the wrong word :blush:, I meant changing the guide so it is for SwagBucks instead (images, names etc).

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Bored? Got time? Com on let's play!

[PROPOSAL] Mysterious box

Sounds like a good idea, I think. Hope more will show thier interested, otherwise it’s no idea.

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He he jasså är du också svensk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?

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Hello everyone!

:+1: Great, I’m going to look out for such services and post them there if i find any.

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For all of you who have just become a member but do not really know what to do. Here you can play around and try different things, to figure out how it works, or why not introduce yourself to us.

Please I need to know!

let me know when a reward for active users here in the given ? thanks

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Sometimes it’s just so, the shit has piled up and has to go somewhere